All About Me!


Hi Everybody!

I’m Aleesha, an excitable, nosy, kind hearted 28 year old, with a husband, Ed, and two children, Isla and Livi.

I love to shop, but refused to pay full price for most things, so Im often hunting the web or shuffling down the high street  for the latest sales and bargains.  I do have a habit of buying things I don’t need.  I have always worked with Adults and Children with various complex needs, and thoroughly enjoy my job.  Caring, supporting and enabling people is extremely important to me, not only professionally, but personally too.

This is Edward.  Ed and I have been together since December 2008!  I’m definitely not a sucker for love, but it was love and first sight and we married in 2011!  He is all I could ask for and more.  He works so hard for our family and in return gets to deal with three of the most demanding ladies EVER.  The girls and I love him 😍


Livi, is 7 years old.  She made me a Dance Mum about 4 years ago.  She started doing Ballet, and as the years went by, unlike other children, she didn’t seem to get bored of this hobby.  This is no longer a hobby for Olivia, but a lifestyle.  She loves to dance! She loves the activeness , the discipline, and the strength that dance has given her, as well as her HUGE dance family.  She enjoys competitions, costumes, and performing. As well as, dance fashion, bows, and musicals.  Olivia loves to be in front of a camera!


Isla is my baby.  She is so beautiful and loves lots of cuddles, smiles, and watching her big sister.  Isla was born with profound, bilateral hearing loss.  Something that came as a bit of a shock at 5 weeks old.  I hope to share my experiences as a mum of a deaf baby, by blogging our journey.  I would also love to hear from you if you’ve been in a similar situation, with a child with additional needs.


I hope you enjoy our moments…