What’s been going on…

I haven’t blogged for a while. Mainly because it was Christmas time and I’ve been so super busy!

I suppose my lack of blogging has been down to the lack of appointments that we’ve had for Isla. I have to say… the first 3 months were wild! Appointment after appointment! But then there had to come a point where we had to leave her to grow a little! And she has done very well! In fact she’s a right old chubster!

Isla is almost 7 months old. Hasn’t time flown? I don’t quite know how I feel about it. She’s nearly a year old, and as that year passes by, I have Olivia growing older and older by the day. She will be 9 this year. I have no idea how this is even possible. Both my babies are growing too quickly.

Isla had an MRI scan booked for December, something that Ed and I were dreading. The thought of sedating her is still not something that sits comfortably with me at all. Other mums have reassured me that I will be an emotional wreck when it happens, but as mums, we pull through somehow, with a brave face and heavy heart! With that looming, we didn’t anticipate the effect this upcoming procedure would having on Olivia. After a couple of weeks of her not being herself and asking lots of questions, all became apparent when she confided in her school teacher about her anxieties about Isla having her scan. Her main concern being that Isla wouldn’t wake up from it.

Imagine how heartbreaking it was to hear that from one daughter, about the other. But it takes a special girl, to feel and think about the consequences of such a procedure, and with some books and some online resources we were able to put her mind at rest. Seems like letting her watch “Casualty” and “Holby City” from an early age was really not a great idea! She’s always been obsessed with the healthcare profession that we didn’t see the downfall in this. However, knowledge isn’t always power! Bit too late now though.

So anyway, before the MRI, we had to attend Audiology to make sure Isla didn’t have Glue Ear. We had to do this, as during the MRI, they would retest her ears. During this hearing test, Isla would have to stay as still as possible, so it made sense to do this while she was under sedation for the scan. The audiologist tested her for Glue Ear, to find out that it was positive!!

I was so annoyed! I knew this meant that they would have to cancel the MRI, as sedation of a baby should be kept to a minimum where possible. Especially at her age.

So it was cancelled and rescheduled for February. It’s the waiting that causes the most anxiety, and it would have been perfect to have had it over and done with, for Olivia’s sake if anything. However, what will be, will be!

In the mean time, we are still teaching her British Sign Language. She still thinks it’s funny. And I wonder how much of it she understands.

I compare her to hearing babies, and she is noticeably more quiet. Or her friends are just loud?! Haha

She engages well with everyone and follows us all while we are talking. I often wonder how it would feel for it to be completely silent? Then I remind myself that Isla hasn’t lost her hearing. She never had any hearing. So this to her is normal, in fact, the likeliness is, that she thinks we all can’t hear. And I have to be honest, that idea is quite reassuring.

This month, we have a meeting with a psychologist to ensure we are making the correct decision for Isla. After a bit of research, I found that cochlear implant users, who where implanted as adults, were at risk of suffering from mental health issues and sometimes suicide. This is because their expectations of the implants were extremely high. I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears the difference between a child and adult implantee. The results can be extremely different! The difference in being able to distinguish and discriminate sounds is much greater in a child with cochlear implants Vs an adult who has been implanted. However, there are adults who do extremely well, but I think their need for intense speech therapy is much greater than that of a child. Parents of deaf children definitely struggle with the decision to have it done, but for me, my decision remains easy.

In the meantime, life goes on as always. We are in Dance Festival season, so Olivia is learning her new routine. For Isla, the title of the chosen piece of music is quite ironic. We are awaiting the arrival of her costume, which is exciting, and listening to the same song over and over doesn’t get any easier as the years go by!

I had to return to work. The effects of not watching “Loose Women” became apparently around lunchtime, but I survived!

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