LOL Surprise- Review 

Olivia was completely over the moon to receive her LOL Surprise for her birthday. This girly toy is plastered all over YouTube, and young girls are going crazy for it! I have to admit, I was quite excited to watch her open it!

On opening this glamorous half circle box, you will find the first layer of surprises. There will be ten little balls, that need to be individually opened, and will have a gift inside.

Once you’ve opened all the balls and found a huge range of glamorous accessories, the next layer needs to be battled.

This layer is a layer of bath bombs. They smell delightful, and would be great to use in the bath, but of course, Olivia wants the surprises now! So we use the circular Lol Surprise case and fill it with Water. Olivia carefully unwraps all the balls- which are wrapped extremely well, and needed to be helped with most of them. She placed them all in the water and waited patiently. We used cold water- that didn’t work. It has to be warm water! Once we got that right, the fizzing began, and before long the lounge smelt like the a Lush Store.

The next layer is four balls. Two large and two medium sized. The unwrapping of these proved harder than the bath bombs. And once you finally unwrap and open the ball, you find the surprises are also wrapped individually. Olivia being completely impatient wanted to use scissors and as a result she ended up cutting through one of the accessories!

In the medium balls we had….

We had lots me little accessories, jokes, tattoos, snickers and two little baby dolls. I must say, that I love glitter and glam, and these babies and accessories are super cute! The pictures don’t do them justice, they are so sparkly and every girls dream!

And in the two bigger balls with had…

Two bigger dolls and some more accessories. Again, I love the dolls as they are sweet and Livi was in love with the whole set.

She immediately got to work, by dressing them all and arranging all of the correct accessories with the correct dolls! She loved it.

This was a gift and a gift that took 30 minutes to unwrap! I think the experience is worth the money paid for it, although some would say that it’s a lot of money to spend on an “unbranded” toy.

Olivia took all her little bits into school to show them off, and is completely happy with the set. I have to say, as the toys are so so small, this gift would be perfect for an older girl who takes pride in her toys and keeps them safe. The bits are very easy to lose!

Overall 8/10 from me 😆

Nothing is beating the “Hatchimals” experience for me yet!

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