It’s Christmas! 

Who put up their Christmas trees at the weekend?


I couldn’t wait! After all, Ed’s and Olivia’s birthdays had passed in what felt like a matter of seconds and we no longer had Halloween or bonfire night on our door steps.  So the only thing we all should be thinking about is Christmas time, mistletoe and wine!!!

I urge anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot to please go to Poundland.  I’m so impressed with their Christmas isles and have bought so much stuff, not only for the house but for my Elf on a Shelf.

I’m so so so looking forward to my Elf on a shelf, and look forward to blogging about her. I can’t quite decide whether she’s naughty or nice. 

I was going on and on about wanting to get a train under the tree, but this idea soon fizzled out when I realised that it would, “ChooChoo”, but wouldn’t smoke 💨! This was the ultimate deal breaker! I was almost consistering buying one of them ice/smoke effect machines for real effect, but then I realised how “extra” I was being and soon got over myself. 


So right now, It’s 32 sleeps until Santa arrives! If your trees up… GOOD! And if it’s not…. I won’t judge, but I may think that your not as enthusiastic as the rest of us! #scrooge



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