To Me, Lots Of Love, From Me xx

Had a bit of a spontaneous moment the other day after spending the morning with a fellow Mummy, drinking coffee and nattering. I say nattering, coz we really do go on and on…. but our “stay at home, coffee mornings” are extremely important. Almost like therapy! I just turn up there looking, well, feral.  She doesn’t seem to mind, which is always a bonus! 

 Anyway… I’m always one to get jealous over small little things so when my friend started to tell me about her subscription to Glossybox, I was completely shocked that I’d never heard of it before. Well before I knew it, I was researching the best boxes to get and how much they’re gonna cost. 

I didn’t know what this was, so I’ll break it down real quick. It’s a subscription that you pay monthly, although I am pretty sure you can do it annually and probably get a bit of a discount. What you are paying for, is a lovely box with contents that change every month, so you actually don’t know what’s on its way. 

How exciting??

Of course you know by the choice in company that you go with, what gifts you would expect, but I do feel most of them include beauty and hair products, maybe some household goodies and sweet things too. I’m not 100% sure on all the boxes but I chose to go with Birchbox.  My friend had said how handy some of the items that get sent are, and we all disserve a little treat once in a while. 

So now I’ve got a little bottle of dry shampoo I’ll probably avoid washing my hair for a while… any excuse to not have to tame the beast! And all that oil…. well I’ll give it a go! To be honest my face is so dry at the moment, it might help! And as for the brush washer… I’ll think about doing that sometime soon! It just makes me feel a bit weird as I’ve never done it before! 

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