Isla and her appointments 

So we’ve been happily plodding along with Isla lately.  Not much had been on the cards to be honest. The aim is to watch her grow and wait for surgery. 

However, following on from us meeting with the Paediatrician, we were awaiting an appointment for her Genetic Screening, to determine the cause of her deafness.  Also an ECG scan to ensure that her little ticker is fit and healthy, and able to see her through her further MRI scans and Surgery when under anaesthetic.

We had a blood test booked for 10.30am at The hospital.  We went to the wrong department- why on earth would I assume it would be at the child development centre, and not check? Well, we ran to the children’s wards all flustered and checked in! Poor Ed was outside the hospital trying to park so when I was told that my appointment wasn’t at 10.30 but 12.20, I was secretly relieved but angry too, as I know what my appointment was! Any way, they were able to see us quite quickly. I was dreading it, as I know how hard is it to take blood from me, so thought that this would be a lengthy process of them continuously jabbing my poor baby and getting nothing from her. Anyway, this nurse was just simply amazing! She put some “magic gel”on the back of Islas hand, took some blood and that was it. Simple! Obviously like any normal mum, I completely froze and held my breathe throughout the whole thing. Once the procedure was done, I looked as if I had run 10k!! 

The nurse told us to go down to the “Yellow Clinic” for an ECG- which took us by surprise as we didn’t know this was happening today, but we went down there and got that sorted! 

Little Isla was strapped up to all these wires and didn’t seem to care one bit! 

So now we are just waiting for the genetic testing results to come back from her bloods to hopefully give us some kind of understanding as to why Isla is Deaf.  And also the ECG to give the surgeons the A Okay 👌🏽 for surgery! It’s all very exciting! 

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