She Can Laugh!

So the last time we saw Isla’s teacher, the only question I had was…

“Will she laugh?”

The teacher found it an odd question, but it was one that a parent of a child with hearing loss had not asked before.

Is laughing involuntary? Or is it something we learn to do?

Would Isla have to hear us laughing before she did? Would she laugh, but not make any noise? Or laugh and sound different?

Unfortunately, as much as I tried, Isla wasn’t laughing at anything I did. No tickling, no silly faces…. but today, during a game of “Peekaboo”, she started to giggle!  I was thrilled! And I managed to get it on camera too!

So that’s answered the question.  Laughter is involuntary! Yay!
Click here to see her first laugh, at approximately 18 weeks (I lost count after 12 weeks hehe!)

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