Photos from a Failed Blogger

The problem with blogging, is that I like to take lots of pictures to accompany the text! So please forgive me that it’s been a while since I posted, but sometimes, my photo plans just don’t go the way I want them to!  I have compiled some photos to prove to you, that I have been hard at work, but too much of a perfectionist to blog with substandard pics! Some of these are just awful!

I will caption them, so you understand what I was supposed to be doing. So here it goes…


Just as I was snap chatting myself and Isla, she vomited! As I jumped the filter didn’t work, and so you have have a very unfiltered Mummy, and sicky Isla 😷



Only took this picture because I had make up on and looked fairly good! Doesn’t happen often so I had to take advantage. Even if that does include snapping my baby! #parentfail p.s wasn’t tired at all, look how fresh I look!  Islas praying for me to stop.



So moments before selling Dear Ewan, I posted a blog about how I dropped him in a bramble bush- then advertised him online as nearly new! 😲 He was nearly new, its just the only time he was used, he ended up in a bush!



Here’s where I think I’m a good food blogger, but can’t cook! And of course, olivia had to “help”… that’s the reason why some of them look rough! Especially the one with no pastry on the sausage.



This is a chicken, bacon and cheese puff! With rocket to decorate! And a glass of wine, so I looked sophisticated – with my Gregg’s rip off dinner!



The moment I got olivia to baste with an arts and crafts paint brush!



Don’t even know what this is.. I remember it being nice and slimming world friendly, I’m hoping that the meat is beef or lamb because it’s a bit on the pink side!



Aleesha’s Egg Fries Rice 😐 #slimmingworldfail



Salmon…. well as you can tell presentation isn’t really my thing. But there was no way I was going to boast about this awful looking fish dish. #marriedtoachef



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