Meeting our Surgeon 👨‍⚕️ 

So we met Isla’s surgeon at the end of last month! One of many appointments, as it seemed we didn’t have a day to ourselves for a while.  He was wonderful…. I mean, he didn’t do anything extraordinary but… he’s like GOD. This is the man who is going to make my daughter hear! I still think it’s a bit weird that someone would chose to be an ear surgeon, as it seems, well, quite boring, but because the area is so small, it is a specialism and you’d have to be pretty passionate about it, I suppose. Anyway…

We had an appointment at 4.30pm in Southampton. I was dreading it, as getting there and back in rush hour was going to be mayhem! We were lucky though as it seemed we missed it, both ways! Maybe we’re not so unlucky after all?

We met the surgeon, who informed us of what happens during surgery. He said he would fit both implants at the same time which should take around 6 hours if her MRI shows that she has “normal” Cochlears.   He has done many and seemed pretty confident that it would be happening around the 10/11th month, which was music to my ears….

if she could hear at her first birthday that would be the best thing that I could ever dream of…EVER!

She does require an MRI to ensure that he is dealing with an ordinary cochlear, and that it is not malformed! At this point, if we find out that it is, and she’s unoperatable…. I can not even think about that!! I have no idea why I would think of it! I think my anxiety levels are constantly high, all of the time, so I find myself thinking of the worst case scenarios and preparing myself for the worst! I wish my anxiety was lower!!! Anyway, he won’t do the MRI until she is 6 months as there is no need to rush and put her under anesthetic unnecessarily, as there is a slight risk when children are under 6 months old. He also let us know that she’ll have to have yearly Pneumonia jabs and Meningitis vaccines… we signed a consent form to confirm that we understood the risks.  To sum it up, when she becomes unwell, she will ALWAYS be treated with antibiotics regardless as the worst case scenario would be for them to have to operate to take the implants out due to infection.

Anyway, it all went well. And the next time we will see him will be just before the surgery! Which is now quite scary… as I suppose, it makes it real. Still feels like a dream to be honest.

She also went swimming for the first time… can’t say whether she loved it or hated it, she just had a constant resting b*tch face for the whole experience! However, I feel like she was enjoying it on the inside! Haha

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