Meeting our Paediatrician 👩🏼‍⚕️

So this month we also met Islas Paediatrician.  We have been referred to her, as we are unsure as to why Isla is deaf. Both Ed and I, have no known knowledge of any family members having childhood hearing loss, and my pregnancy seemed to be pretty straight forward with no complications, so nothing to indicate there could be any problems.  So we are in the process of genetic testing. The options for cause are

  • Hereditary genetic cause- meaning ed and I would both be carrying a hearing loss gene, that has therefor caused Isla to have no hearing.  Click here to see how it is possible to have one fully hearing child and one with profound bilateral sensory hearing loss . If this is the case, then it would mean that we would have had this passed down from our parents, who also would be carriers, and we are just unlucky enough to both be in the same situation and decide to fall in love and have a family! Unlucky in the sense that it’s not that common.  Of course it’s extremely important to me to find this out, as Olivia should know whether she is a carrier or a non carrier. Of course Isla is a complete carrier! And it’s important for both sides of the family to recognise this for their children too- after all, how many times did my midwives and health visitors ask me if there was any childhood hearing loss in the family?
  • Illness during pregnancy- specifically at the time of the ear being formed, to interfere with the process. I don’t remember ever being poorly! But we will see!
  • CMV (Cytomegalovirus)- there is no way that I had CMV during this pregnancy, which was a huge relief, as I’ve had my run in with this awful illness before. CMV is the leading nongentic cause of childhood hearing loss. You’ve probably not even heard of it, as it doesn’t seem to be important to the healthcare authorities to raise awareness to pregnant women, but ultimately, it can be fatal to unborn babies and cause numourous health problems such as vision loss, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, Microcephaly, seizures and so on! If I can influence you to do anything, it would be to do a little bit of research on this! When I have more time, I will let you know my experience with CMV.
  • It could also be that Ed and I are related! Ummm???
  • And there’s a chance that, there is no cause. And this could be that they are unable to test certain genes, but in years to come, researchers may have found a way of testing them.

So, back to the appointment. Isla was physically checked for any marks on her body, as there has been research to prove that some hearing loss comes accompanied by skin/ birth marks.  Isla had nothing on her to cause any concern.  She then hit her with the little hammer thing, to test her reflexes and all seemed well.  Overall she is developing perfectly! 🙂 She has been referred to an ophthalmologist- to double check that her eyes are as good as they seem.  So apart from arranging our Genetic Tests, we have been discharged until next March! Yippee!

Also Islas new hearing aids have arrived… they fit and they don’t whistle!!!

That face is so funny!  She only pulls that face when her hearing aids are in- I’m such a cruel mum!

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