Shout out to the Mummy’s 

I got home today at 6pm, on a Sunday, after being out practically all day with the girls. I walked into a messy home, with clothes everywhere, dishes stacked up, and no milk and no bread! I had such a good day, but this just made me feel sh*t! I had to reload the girls back into the car, and go to Tesco! When I got back, with everything, except bread (one of the only two things I needed), I began to tidy the house, feed and settle the girls, and get them into bed- still feeling like a sh*tty parent! Then it dawned on me… I am not a bad mum, I’m just an extremely proactive, supportive and busy mum. So here’s a shout out to all the mums, no matter what your doing, or how well you do it! Keep it up! 
🌟Shout out to the succeeding mums

🌟Shout out to the struggling mums 

🌟Shout out to the mums who work to give their children the best

🌟Shout out to the mums who stay home and hold down the fort 

🌟Shout out to the breakfast club and after school club mums

🌟Shout out to the holiday club mums

🌟Shout out to the parents who spend all their hours in a studio, on the pitch, or supporting the children with their hobbies

🌟Shout out to the parents who pay for these hobbies and sacrifice their own needs

🌟Shout out to the microwave meal mums who haven’t sat down all day

🌟Shout out to the healthy home cooked meal mums who also haven’t sat down 

🌟Shout out to the mums wearing see-through leggings but their kids are wearing Next and Ted Baker

🌟Shout out to the mums that are dads too

🌟Shout out the mums with spotless houses 

🌟Shout out to the mums living in chaos

🌟And shout out to the sly mums who hide the mess well

🌟Shout out the the mums still watching the Disney channel when their kids are asleep

🌟Shout out to the mums who don’t actually get any sleep

🌟Shout out to mums with children with additional needs

🌟Shout out to the mums who secretly weep after disciplining their children 

🌟 And Shout out to the teen mums, the mature mums and the ones in between!
💜Shout out to all mums who don’t judge but praise, support, laugh, and lift other women! This isn’t easy, but we do our best… because we know what’s best for our babies 😍💜

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