September | Loves and Hates

So here’s what Im loving this September, and what Im hating on too! I was quite surprised to see that my ‘Love’ list is longer than my ‘Hate’ list, ultimately proving that Im not as negative as I think I am.

So the first is….. Love!

I am absolutely loving music this month. So Im not a huge fan of old classic tunes, being redone with a weird club beat in the background!  We got all these 16 year olds, dancing to these ‘club bangers’, that I was singing in a girl group, in the playground, aged 8, minus the techno beat and twerking! But I do love James Hype (ft Kelli-Leigh)- ”More Than Friends”.  Its the ‘new’ take on En Vogue- ”Don’t Let Go”.  Makes me feel like a teenager again when I turn it up on the radio and mime my little heart away!

I am also loving the fact that Olivia has gone back to school. I feel so guilty for saying that.  As if I don’t like having her home.  But the truth of the matter is, I can’t afford to have her home! She costs too much.  During the 6 weeks holidays, I think on average I was spending about £30 a day, on crap!  Just to pass time.  This was the first time I had the whole holiday period off work, so we did go a bit wild.  The best part was the final week, already poor, I had to go and buy all brand new school and dance uniform. Yay!

I love, love, love my new changing bag by Babymoov.  It has everything I need and doesn’t actually look like a baby changing bag!  The inside is huge, it has lots of different compartments, a bottle holder and a changing mat!  Makes mummy look quite cool!

FullSizeRender 6


Loving the fact that it’s Show Time! Olivia’s dance school will be performing at the wonderful Bournemouth Pavilion- ”Hall of Fame’‘. Its going to be amazing and I cannot wait!

And Im hating…..

The weather– as always.  But I refuse to lose hope.  We have been robbed of a Summer.  I hear plenty of English people saying, ”Oh, we’ll have a tropical summer, at the end of September”.  IT NEVER HAPPENS!  I’ve been waiting for this since forever.  I refuse to stop wearing flip-flops, although I probably should as mine as so worn!

and only one more hate….  Not bad- Just two this month!

Re-signing our tenancy agreement.  How annoying! Its not the fact that we have to re-sign, its the fact that we are paying horrific rental prices, when we could be paying a mortgage.  Unfortunately, Ed and I weren’t too clued up on the whole mortgage thing when we were younger, so what we decided to do, was to rent to pay someone else’s mortgage! Sharing is caring after all! We have been living together 9 years….. costing us £62,000 in rent! (Clap, Clap, Clap)

Going to bed now to cry!

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