House Envy!

So my flat was fine! Was fine, but now isn’t!

Since having Isla, and being more aware of the environments we put her in, I can’t help but feel that the flat is too dingy and too dark!  So I have started looking for a new property- even though we can’t technically move for 6 months.

I am being very particular this time round and here is my list of must haves;

  • Must be light! We should not have to use special ‘daylight’ bulbs, to feel as if we are not in a cave.
  • Must have hard floor and not carpet, unless carpet is black! We do not do well with light coloured carpets.
  • Must have a garden! Everyone else has garden parties with Prosecco and BBQ- Why can’t I?
  • Must have 3 bedrooms.
  • Must have a separate kitchen to lounge.  Im done with the Modern look- lets take it back old school!
  • Kitchen to be bigger than lounge.
  • Must have off road parking.
  • Must have nice neighbours.

Not being too demanding, but I really don’t want to move for a while.

My good friend Rafa, is the reason I have such bad house envy at the moment.  Look at this stunning view…..

FullSizeRender 4

Only 6 more months…..

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