Our First Auditory Implant Service Meeting

Today was an exciting day.  It was a first visit to the Auditory Implant Service in Southampton.  The first of many trips to come.  Isla was wide awake at 6am, so by 11am, I had assumed that she would be asleep and that I could have a good meeting with the professionals involved in her care- WRONG!!

To be precise, Isla has been awake for about 16 hours straight today.  And she has loved it.  No winging, and no crying.  Just babbling, fist sucking, smiles and heavy frowns.


(Ok, Im lying slightly- she slept in the car, for like 15 minutes!)

We arrived to the centre about half an hour early- this may come as a shock to some, who know I have serious time management issues.  We parked up, with our parking permit that we were given! Absolute bonus!  I didn’t expect that the centre would be in the middle of the University campus, so we did drive around for at least twenty minutes, looking for the correct building.


Today we met two new audiologist.  They asked us some questions, and to be honest, all these initial meetings are information gathering sessions.  Both Audiologist were lovely.  We were made to feel so welcome, and I felt that I had known them for years.  They were both laid back, and answered all of our weird and wonderful questions.  We got to look at the anatomy of the ear, and see how small everything is.  I am completely shocked that the Cochlear is so tiny, yet has such a devastating impact if it does not form, or work correctly.  At this point, I’m thinking I should have paid more attention in biology at school.  We also got to see all of the different types of implants, what goes on the inside, and what goes on the outside, and how they work.  I already have my heart set on the implant I want for Isla so seeing it in the flesh and getting to touch it, made me so excited for next year.  Isla also had some behavioural hearing tests, which we finally got to see how she reacts to sounds she can hear.  It was only one sound she heard, but it was nice to see her squinting and frowning- while we shuddered in our groovy, soundproof ear protectors.  The next time Isla has this test, she will be around 7 months old, but in the meantime, they also confirmed that she is a perfect candidate for the cochlear implants, so they can add their input to Isla’s ever growing case file.  They will operate anytime after 10 months, but that is dependant on the surgeon, and the results of the MRI scan.

And I literally cannot believe in 11 days, we will meet the man, that will change our daughters life, forever.  Meeting the Surgeon who has specifically trained to do this procedure, as we found out today.  I may just call him Dr God.  And to think that Isla is going to be sat there, and not even realise the importance of this man! Its crazy!

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