Welcome to Kingston

Ed found an absolute little beauty of a country pub today for us to enjoy our sixth year anniversary together with the girls. A little village called Kingston, Dorset.

As Ed knows, I hate surprises- mainly because I’m a bit of a control freak, but never the less, he didn’t let me know anything. Of course I assumed we were heading West while in the car, and assumed we would be going to Corfe Castle.

Kingston is about 2 miles west from the castle. As always, Corfe looked flooded by tourists, desperate to see the ruins. Corfe Castle isn’t my cup of tea- nor is any historical ruin- especially when it’s at the top of a hill! Urgh!

The pub we stopped at was called The Scott Arms. Beautiful placed at the top of a hill (we drove), surrounded by nothing but countryside. I love little villages like Kingston, but with no local amenities, I know the country side will never suit my style of living.

The Scott Arms has a lovely outside area, with views of Corfe Castle, Poole Harbour and Fields (of cows and horses).  The typical English country pub was filled with families, hikers and tourists.  It had a few secret hiding areas and dens for the kids to go crazy in.  To top this little gem off, it had a Jerk Hut in the beer garden- serving fresh, homemade Caribbean cuisine.

So olivia ordered a children’s fish and chips from the main pub, while ed and I had Jerk Pork, Jerk chicken, rice and peas, coleslaw, and plantain.

It’s hard to know when ordering anything Jerk, how hot it will come out.  I often find, some restaurants go far too hard with the scotch bonnets, and ruin the taste of the meat- but this particular Jerk Hut had everything perfect. Just the right amount of heat and beautiful flavours. Nothing better than comfort food, served restaurant style!

Definitely will be going back here! I loved it, and the views were to die for!

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