On the Road to Implants

Today was such a good day! We finally have our referral through from Southampton!


Two weeks ago we received a letter from them informing us that they would be considering Islas referral and would be getting back to us with an answer very soon.  This came as a bit of a shock. Consider? I thought.  She can’t hear! What is there to consider?  But I had to give myself a little prod, and remind myself that everything has a process, and that the world doesn’t actually revolve around Isla, although my world does!

So you can imagine how excited I was to receive a huge brown envelope, very official looking, with the University of Southampton stamped on the back! At the time I was on Skype to my mum, so she was able to hear all the information that was in the pack.

We have been invited to start assessment for the Cochlear Implants in September, at the good old age of 12 weeks!   Ed has inappropriately started calling them Cochys?  It is easier to say, but the 15 year old me, raws with laughter when he says it.  Im hoping on coming up with a better, shortened name for them…. after all, she’s going to have them the whole of her life. Anyway, YAY!  How great is that!?  The information gives clear guidance on what will happen, when, and with who! Nice little highlighted section about the importance of continually using the hearing aids too. And a parking permit- gotta love a freebie!

So, Isla is ten weeks old.  Diagnosed at 5 weeks as severe/ profoundly deaf.  Six weeks old  receives first set of hearing aids, eight weeks receives second set of hearing aids, and ten weeks, referral accepted to be implanted! Way to go, NHS!

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