Thank God for Gripe Water

So I was extremely lucky with olivia as she didn’t suffer from wind or reflux, but poor little Isla has had it, on and off, since she was about 8 weeks.

We started off using Infacol, which seemed to work for a while. Lots of people advised me that you had to give it before every feed, even in the day, not just in the evening when she was suffering.  Well, Isla isn’t the most patient of babies, especially when it comes to milk time! She goes from 0 to 100 in around 20 seconds, leaving no time to even prep a bottle let alone administer the Infacol. So naturally, I was forgetting in the heat of the screams to give it, and it just wasn’t working! When evening time came, she was in agony for about an hour, for those who haven’t experienced this- it is heartbreaking to watch. Our next step had to be Gripe Water.

This little miracle in a bottle is the best! I actually used the suspension thingy from Calpol, as Isla isn’t the best, and tricks me into thinking she’s swallowed things when she actually hasn’t!

Well, it’s week 10 and the upset tummy is wearing off. It did make an appearance tonight, which reminded me to blog!

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