Telling my Family about becoming a blogger!!

I have to start off by saying that I am not a Blogging virgin.  I have blogged before… a very long time ago, before the husband, the kids, and the settled down life.  I must have been about 19!  At 19, I had a lot to say, about a lot! In fact, I think I had too much to say.  I can reassure you, I’m a reformed woman, key word being WOMAN, and in this blog you will not be subjected to passive aggressive memes, or self indulged filtered pictures of myself and my friends in seedy night clubs.

Its hard to describe blogging.  I used my first blog to vent, to tell the world about everything I was doing and share my aspirations and dreams, but there was something missing from it, an important aspect, that now, 10 years on, is so important to me….  Helping others.


I am a Chef’s Wife, a Dance Mum, and a Mum to a baby with profound hearing loss in both ears. I don’t claim to have seen it all, nor have I been there, and done it all, but what I can say is, I want to support and help others, encourage and inspire, and have a laugh and joke about the trials and tribulations of life.


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